Web-based sharable to-do lists

First off, since this is a post about a free service that mentions a paid service I wanted to get something in the clear - I'm not affiliated with the creators and I'm not writing this for any kind of profit. It's just one of those things I use and I thought others would find useful. This applies to everything I write on this blog. Off to the good stuff!

Ta-da Lists is a great way to get organized. If you're one of those "I need a list to be sure I got everything covered" types (like me), than this is pure gold. Finally a way to have all your lists available anywhere there's an Internet connection. And you can keep 'em private or make 'em public, it's all up to you. It's all very simple, straightforward and very handy. One of the things I like the most is the possibility for Ta-da to e-mail you a certain list and items that have been checked off are not included in the e-mail.

This is what a typical (short) list looks like when you're using the service:

As you can see from the image above, one of the tasks from the list has been ticked off as done and is now displayed under the list and in a smaller font. I like the fact that I can see what I've marked as done and have the possibility of unmarking it as done if I want to. This also makes it easy to re-use lists on a regular basis.

Imagine the possibilities, for the most basic stuff you don't have to touch your PDA anymore or wonder what now that the battery is dead, it's all online. Keep in mind one important detail - Ta-da requires Internet Explorer 6.x, Safari, or Firefox. If you're using an older browser here's another reason to upgrade.

The service is free, no catch there. It's free because the creators believe you'll like it so much that you'll consider upgrading to the more powerful version included with Basecamp, their flagship product - what they call project management utopia. With what Ta-da Lists offers I can't blame them, I'm probably gonna try it free for a month and see what happens. Maybe a big review comes out of that one, you never know. If you grow to love this service you'll probably go for the upgrade as well since the options in Ta-da are very limited in comparison to the paid service, that's a shock isn't it? :)

In any case, well worth a look. Stay organized!
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7:20 AM

A similar great service is Yahoo Calendar at calendar.yahoo.com.

It's a really nice calendar application that can be shared, and it also automatically integrates into your personal calendar any calendar items from the Yahoo Groups you may be subscribed to.    

9:53 AM

Thanks for the tip. Since I'm not a Yahoo! user I didn't know about it. From the website I can see that it has reminders, and you can make calendars as well as share them, but does it have lists?    

4:26 PM

Have you checked out:


Give You may have to run it locally, but it has nice features. Altho tere isn't too much eye candy interface wise. Also this is a cool little example of AJAX power:


4:29 PM

Very interesting links, thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely be looking into both.    

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